Eboot original the last of us


    Transfer the game to PS3 HDD 2. Download EBOOT 3. Go to: BCES/ PS3_GAME/USRDIR and replace the original ulblactisihe.ga with the. Debug Menus How to Enable these Jailbroken PS3 (Custom Firmware) The Last of Us with region BCES/BCES and version The Last Of US v Patch Ps3 Cfw Eboot | Ps3cfwfix.

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    Eboot Original The Last Of Us

    I created "The Last of Us" with the Duplex release + 3K3y ripper and a Valid IRD file. . You can also find the original working EBOOT file here. The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic survival horror game where you The offsets to unlock it through a PS3API or by making your own EBOOT. There is no More need to request Modded EBOOT. [RETAIL] can be used to directly replace the files in your original game BACKUP. in the last few days and is working fine with games that requires FW where the "ulblactisihe.ga sprx" files needs to be .. Contact Us · ulblactisihe.ga · Archive · Top.

    BIN's as now anyone can do it.. They now handle properly SPRX files. There are few important fixes about path with spaces and wrong byte change which may cause crashes and also fixed PARAM. Don't use previous versions I posted. This package also includes multiMAN Let me know if it works properly for you.

    The moment I extract to a JB folder all my "broken" games work. Also I am using a PSN download of the game trouble free myself but this is a must have game to be working. I had the same exact problem with that game and I've tried everything and I got it to work when I installed the game internal I guest it's just one of those backups that can only work internal.

    I had same thing as well with the black screen and the only fix for me was to "Restore Default Settings.

    Originally Posted by mclow. In a time of stress, I'm a terrible person unless you want to cuddle.

    I always like to cuddle and stuff. OK, so lets follow the sub65C18 function by double-clicking on it.

    I usually look for sub-routines that are only called from one other place, although this is not always the case, as with apps like Netflix. If we scroll down a bit from the last "Playstation Not Connected" message, we will find this sub-routine that looks very suspicious. You can also right-click and select Jump to xref to operand.. This will display all references calls to this function.

    Lucky for us, there is only one Double-click on it to be taken to instruction that calls it to continue. This instruction basically just means "Branch to this sub-routine at this address, stored in the Link register", which is the PSN check.

    I will show an example below. Now that we have a function to nop and test we need the Hex Offset. To find the offset, simply look here at the bottom left of the IDA status bar. There are other things you can also do here using IDA itself to make patches and exporting files with modifications, etc but we will not be covering that here. Once we have an offset to test, we can open the file with a hex editor and test it.

    Some apps will require multiple patches, so you may think a patched area is not working when in fact it is working, there is just another address that also needs patched. This is the one area that you will be revisiting over and over and over and over again!!!

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